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Hello Readers!!!

I'm very excited about my new book JAVATM - The Beginnings. It's a compilation of lessons
I teach to beginner Java students, filled with lessons learned through over 30 years of programming
in the aerospace, telecommunications, and payment industries. It contains many examples and
diagrams which reinforce the subject matter. Have a peek inside! The links below contain
the table of contents and the first page of each lesson.

The book also contains 180 programming exercises. The short assignments review programming
syntax, while the longer assignments apply the lesson material in solving problems. Many of
the lessons begin by presenting a technical challenge, then showing how to accomplish it
through application of the lesson material.

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Table Of Contents

The HelloWorld Program Objects and References
Comments and Indentation Encapsulation
Types Constructors
Literals Static Fields and Methods
println and print Passing and Returning Object References
Variables Arrays
Constants Arrays of Object References
Expressions Wrapper Classes
Conversion Array Lists
if Statements User Interaction
switch Statements String Operations
Loops Random Numbers
Methods Formatting Output
Local Variables Math Operations
Classes Enum Types

You are not allowed to duplicate the eBook or its printed copy in any form without expressed written permission by Ralph Lecessi Incorporated. JAVATM - The Beginnings is Copyright ©2017 by Ralph Lecessi Incorporated.
All rights reserved. Photo is Copyright © Dolgachov | Dreamstime.com.

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